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Dear friends,
after the Q2 in Scimago in three different categories (Civil and Structural Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mechanics of Materials), we finally obtained the WoS Impact Factor: 1.4 !!!
Considering that there is not a professional publisher behind Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale – Fracture and Structural Integrity and that all the activities are completely based on the volunteers help, this result is amazing!
Although we continuously receive proposals to sell the journal and transform it in an APC based journal, we wish to keep our approach unchanged:
- Nobody pays, neither authors nor readers (no APC!).
- Publish good quality papers, trying to help young researchers to achieve an acceptable quality of their submissions, also with many review rounds.
- Try to offer to our readers some innovative approaches in the reading experience (e.g., the Visual Abstracts).
In order to further improve our journal, we “simply” ask you to:
- Submit to the journal good quality manuscripts prepared according to the authors’ guidelines and focused on the main journal topics (“Fracture” and/or “Structural integrity”).
- Help the journal as reviewers: all the authors appreciate competent and fast review processes. All the reviewers are acknowledged in three different ways!
- Join the events organized by IGF; it is only thanks to these events that it is possible for FIS to live!
- Use the papers published in FIS for your references, especially the papers published in the last two years!
The last point is crucial. If you wish that the “value” of your paper increases, it is necessary that the indexes improve! To do that, if you find a paper of your interest in FIS, please, do not hesitate to add it to your refs in any paper you are publishing!

The next IGF event is the The 8th International Conference on Crack Paths (CP2024). The Conference will be held in Rimini (Italy) and online in September 10-12, 2024 ( 

SI: Russian mechanics contributions for Structural Integrity

SI: IGF27 - 27th International Conference on Fracture and Structural Integrity

Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Advanced Manufacturing and Surface Treatment

Investigation of Impact Energy Absorption of AA6061 and Composites: Role of Post-Aging Cooling Methods

G.V. Krishna Reddy, B. K. Naveen Kumar, G. Hareesha, A. M. Rajesh, Saleemsab Doddamani

Analytical, Numerical and Physical Models

Failure Analysis, Case Studies and Forensic Engineering


Fractography and Advanced metallography


Structural Integrity and Durability of Structures

Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives


SI: Fracture Fatigue and Wear

Notch Sensitivity Study in U-notched Polymers Built by Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Jorge Guillermo Diaz Rodriguez, Alberto David Pertuz Comas, Juan David Sandoval Herrera