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Dear friends,
We have many news for our authors and our readers.
First of all, due to the high number of submissions, it was necessary to deeply transform the organization of the Journal. We canceled the board of Associate Editors. In these years, the members of this board did great work, continuously suggesting new ideas to further improve the journal and we are deeply grateful to Alfredo Navarro, Thierry Palin Luc, Luca Susmel and John Yates for their service for FIS. Now, we created some sections and, for the next submissions, all the authors will be asked to choose a section during the submission process. We activated a “Section Editor panel” that will actively help the Editor in Chief and we wish to welcome the Section Editors, Marco Boniardi, Nicola Bonora, Milos Djukic, Stavros Kourkoulis, Liviu Marsavina, Pedro Moreira: we are sure that their contribution will help the journal to achieve new and better results. In addition, we wish to welcome the new Co-Editor in Chief, Filippo Berto: his experience in the editorial processing and managing will let great improvements.
Among the new services, we can remember:
- The activation of the “Categories”: all the published papers are now categorized with one category at least and, selecting one of the categories available under the section “Browse” in the journal website, all the readers will be able to find immediately the papers focused on the selected category;
- Visual Abstracts: all the visual abstracts are both linked to the corresponding papers and are also available in the dedicated YouTube channel. Now, in the YouTube channel, each Visual Abstract will be linked to the paper with the keywords as Tags, improving in this way the visibility both of Visual Abstracts and papers.
Considering that FIS is characterized by many innovative features, we decided to activate a new page of the website where all these features are collected: Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Analytical, Numerical and Physical Models

Environmentally Assisted Fracture

Failure Analysis, Case Studies and Forensic Engineering


The effect of temperature on low-cycle fatigue of shape memory alloy

Volodymyr Iasnii, Petro Yasniy, Denys Baran, Anna Rudawska


Investigation of Failure Mechanism of Al2O3 Specimens Subjected to Three-Point Bending Test

Mikhail Olegovich Eremin, Igor Smolin, Alexey Kulkov, Valentina Mikushina

J integral computation and Limit load analysis of bonded composite repair in cracked pipes under pressure

Mohamed Belhamiani, Djamel Eddine Belhadri, Wahid Oudad, Omar Mansouri, Wahiba Nessrine Bouzitouna

Comparative study on the deterioration of granite under microwave irradiation and resistance-heating treatment

He Zi Shou, Qijun Hu, Junsen Zeng, Leping He , Hexi Tang, Bingsheng Li, Shunzhang Chen, Xirui Lu

Reliability and Life Extension of Components

Leak-Before-Break methodology applied to different piping materials: a performance evaluation

Israel Gleybson Ferreira da Silva, Arnaldo Homobono Paes de Andrade, Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro

Structural Integrity and Durability of Structures

SI: Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives

Using XFEM Techniques to Predict the Damage of aluminum 2024T3 notched under tensile load

Abdallah Benzaama, Mohamed Mokhtari, Habib Benzaama, Elamine Abdelouahed, Tawfik Tamine, Kouider Madani, Amir Slamen, Mrabet Ilies

Web Rotational Stiffness of Continuous Steel-Concrete Composite Castellated Beams

Carla Cristiane Silva, Rodrigo Barreto Caldas, Ricardo Hallal Fakury, Hermes Carvalho, João Victor Fragoso Dias

Behavior of precast reinforced concrete columns subjected to monotonic short-term loading

Sebastião Salvador Real Pereira, Hermes Carvalho, João Victor Fragoso Dias, Victor Roberto Verga Mendes, Pedro Aires Montenegro

SI: IGF25 – International Conference 2019

SI: Fracture and Damage Detection in Masonry Structures

SI: Research activities of the Greek Society of Experimental Mechanics of Materi

Simulation of the corrosion-induced damage on aluminum alloy 2024 specimens with equivalent surface notches

Nikolaos Alexopoulos, Nikoleta Siskou, Christina-Margarita Charalampidou, Stavros Kourkoulis

Experimental uncertainty budget for concrete compressive strength test based on a multifactorial analysis

Stamatia Gavela, Nikolaos Nikoloutsopoulos, George Papadakos, Dimitra Passa, Anastasia Sotiropoulou

A SEM-X-Ray assisted experimental approach for the determination of mechanical and thermal load – induced damage in MMCs

Victor Kytopoulos, Emilios Sideridis, John Venetis, Chrysoula Riga, Alexandros Altzoumailis

Effect of fly ash on the corrosion performance and structural integrity of stainless steel concrete rebars in acid rain and saline environments

Angeliki Lekatou, Sofia Tsouli, Christos Nikolaidis, Spyridon Kleftakis, Ilias Tragazikis, Theodoros Matikas

Imaging performance of a CaWO4/CMOS sensor

Niki Martini, Vaia Koukou, George Fountos, Ioannis Valais, Ioannis Kandarakis, Christos Michail, Athanasios Bakas, Eleftherios Lavdas, Konstantinos Ninos, Georgia Oikonomou, Lida Gogou, George Panayiotakis

Metal foaming by powder metallurgy process: investigation of different parameters on the foaming efficiency

Ioannis Papantoniou, Helena Kyriakopoulou, Dimitrios Pantelis, Dimitrios Manolakos

Multi-parameter analysis of curing cycle for GNPs/glass fabric/ epoxy laminated nanocomposites

Georgios Seretis, Aikaterini Polyzou, Dimitrios Manolakos, Christopher Provatidis

Comparison of the mechanical response of B400c and B450c dual phase steel bar categories, in long terms

Charis Apostolopoulos, Argyro Drakakaki, Alkiviadis Apostolopoulos, Konstantinos Koulouris

Multi-response optimization of CuZn39Pb3 brass alloy turning by implementing Grey Wolf algorithm

Nikolaos Fountas, Angelos Koutsomichalis, John Kechagias, Nikolaos Vaxevanidis

SI: Characterisation of Crack Tip Fields

Effect of yield stress on fatigue crack growth

Fernando Ventura Antunes, Micael Frias Borges, Pedro Prates, Ricardo Branco, Marta Oliveira

SI: Fracture Mechanics versus Environment

Environmental effects on the reliability of an AISI 304 structure

Racim Boutelidja, Abdelmoumene Guedri, Mohammed Amine Belyamna, Bachir Merzoug

SI: Showcasing Structural Integrity Research in India

SI: New Trends in Fatigue and Fracture