Karim Benyahi Mohand Said Kachi Youcef Bouafia Salma Barboura Jia Li


The object of this article is to be able to simulate the behavior of reinforced and/or prestressed concrete beam’s section in the shear loading through a model allowing the evaluation of nonlinear strains caused by shear, while taking into account the real behavior of the materials. In this approach, we are often confronted with problems of modeling uncertainties linked to some insufficiencies of the mechanical model allowing to describe the physical phenomena in a realistic way. For that, it is necessary to use a reliability model making it possible to evaluate their probability of failure, by establishing failure curves according to the different transition zones of the limit state curve of the nonlinear behavior in the shear loading up to at section failure of reinforced and/or prestressed concrete beams. In this work, we also propose a coupling of the reliability method by response surface to carry out the reliability optimization on complex mechanical models, where the mechanical and reliability models developed have been implemented on the Fortran. This allows the estimation in an efficient way of the different reliability characteristics according to each transition zone from the limit state curve to the real behavior until failure in the shear loading.


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    Reliability and Life Extension of Components

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    Benyahi, K., Kachi, M. S., Bouafia, Y., Barboura, S., & Li , J. (2021). Reliability assessment of the behavior of reinforced and/or prestressed concrete beams sections in shear failure. Frattura Ed Integrità Strutturale, 15(57), 195–222. https://doi.org/10.3221/IGF-ESIS.57.16