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Dear friends,
just an update about the most important event that IGF is organizing: the 21st European Conference on Fracture, under the auspices of the European Structural Integrity Society. This event will be held in Catania, Italy (June 20-24, 2015) and, according to the ECFs events tradition, will allows to hundred of researchers to meet in the wonderful land of Sicily. I don’t want to bother you describing the sea, the culture, the food, the people of Sicily … join us and you will see by your own!!!
In these lines I wish only to underline few details:
- Abstract summission deadline has been postponed: 15.01.2016;
- Proceedings will be published in Procedia Structural Integrity (Elsevier); Templates are available in the ECF21 website;
- Special issues will be published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Failure Analysis, International Journal of Fatigue and Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics;
- A Summer School titled “Understanding and modelling fracture and fatigue of materials and structures” will be organized before the ECF event (June 18-19, 2015)

You can find all the details in the ECF21 website …. Looking forward to meeting you in Catania!!!

Francesco Iacoviello
F&IS Chief Editor


Mechanisms of plastic instability and fracture of compressed and tensile tested Mg-Li alloys investigated using the acoustic emission method

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Surface crack growth subject to bending and biaxial tension-compression

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Welding sequence effects on residual stress distribution in offshore wind monopile structures

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Fatigue crack initiation and propagation in lotus-type porous material

S. Glodež, S. Dervaric, J. Kramberger, M. Šraml

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New experimental techniques for fracture testing of highly deformable materials

E. Dall’Asta, V. Ghizzardi, R. Brighenti, E. Romeo, R. Roncella, A. Spagnoli

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Fatigue characterization of a crankshaft steel: Use and interaction of new models

Sergio Blasón, Cristina Rodríguez, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
PDF Audioslides

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Fatigue properties and fracture mechanism of load carrying type fillet joints with one-sided welding

Takamasa Abe, Hiroyuki Akebono, Masahiko Kato, Atsushi Sugeta

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Crack path in aeronautical titanium alloy under ultrasonic torsion loading

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Orientation of propagating crack paths emanating from fretting-fatigue contact problems

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Fatigue failure analysis of pin-loaded lugs

Slobodanka Boljanovic, Stevan Maksimovic

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Plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings: numerical study on damage localization and evolution

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Fatigue crack paths under the influence of changes in stiffness

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Fatigue life prediction of pedicle screw for spinal surgery

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Crack path simulation for cylindrical contact under fretting conditions

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Fatigue properties and fracture mechanism of load carrying type fillet joints with one-sided welding

Takamasa Abe, Hiroyuki Akebono, Masahiko Kato, Atsushi Sugeta

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Analysis of cracking of low-alloy copper stretched at elevated temperature

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Crack simulation models in variable amplitude loading - a review

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Static and fatigue experimental tests on a full scale fuselage panel and FEM analyses

Raffaele Sepe, Enrico Armentani, Francesco Caputo

pages 534-550