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this is a really rich issue, with more than 40 published papers and five “special sections”. We are grateful for the efforts of the guest editors: their work allowed to further improve the scientific level of our journal, focusing different topicss with many interesting papers. I wish to remember their names with my deepest gratitude:
• Michela Monaco, Francesco Portioli, Emanuele Reccia and Patrizia Trovalusci, for the section focussed on the “Fracture and Damage Detection in Masonry Structures”;
• José António Fonseca de Oliveira Correia, for the section focussed on the “Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives”;
• Filippo Berto, Vittorio Di Cocco, Paolo Ferro, Carmine Maletta, Luciana Restuccia, Giacomo Risitano and Andrea Spagnoli, for the section focussed on “IGF25 – Fracture and Structural Integrity International Conference 2019”;
• Johan Hoefnagels and Reza Talemi, for the section focussed on the “1st Benelux Network Meeting and Workshop on Damage and Fracture Mechanics”;
• Filippo Berto and Jan Torgersen for the section focussed on the “Additive Manufacturing”.


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Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Analytical, Numerical and Physical Models

Failure Analysis, Case Studies and Forensic Engineering



Reliability and Life Extension of Components

Structural Integrity and Durability of Structures

SI: Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives

SI: Additive Manufacturing

Local scale fracture characterization of an advanced structured material manufactured by fused deposition modeling in 3D printing.

Joseph Marae Djouda, Donato Gallittelli , Marouene Zouaoui, Ali Makke, Julien Gardan , Naman Recho, Jérôme Crépin

SI: 1st Benelux Network Meeting and Workshop on Damage and Fracture Mechanics

SI: IGF25 – International Conference 2019

A biomechanical study of the role of sitagliptin on the bone characteristics of diabetic rats

Stavros K Kourkoulis, Ermioni Pasiou, Arezoo Abdi, Despoina Perrea, John Vlamis

Influence of biochar additions on the fracture behavior of foamed concrete

Devid Falliano, Dario De Domenico, Antonino Sciarrone, Giuseppe Ricciardi, Luciana Restuccia, Giuseppe Ferro, Jean-Marc Tulliani, Ernesto Gugliandolo

Numerical modeling based on moving mesh method to simulate fast crack propagation

Francesco Fabbrocino, Marco Francesco Funari, Fabrizio Greco, Paolo Lonetti, Raimondo Luciano

SI: Fracture and Damage Detection in Masonry Structures

Minimum energy strategies for the in-plane behaviour of masonry

Antonio Gesualdo, Bruno Calderoni, Antonino Iannuzzo, Antonio Fortunato, Michela Monaco

Crumbling of Amatrice clock tower during 2016 Central Italy seismic sequence: Advanced numerical insights

Francesco Clementi, Gabriele Milani, Angela Ferrante, Marco Valente, Stefano Lenci

Dynamic characterization of progressively damaged segmental masonry arches with one settled support: experimental and numerical analyses

Maria Giovanna Masciotta, Daniele Pellegrini, Daniele Brigante, Alberto Barontini, Paulo B. Lourenço, Maria Girardi, Cristina Padovani, Giovanni Fabbrocino

Micromodels for the in-plane failure analysis of masonry walls: Limit Analysis, FEM and FEM/DEM approaches

Marco Pepe, Marco Pingaro, Patrizia Trovalusci, Emanuele Reccia, Lorenzo Leonetti

Rigid block and finite element analysis of settlement-induced failure mechanisms in historic masonry wall panels

Raffaele Gagliardo, Lucrezia Cascini, Francesco Portioli, Raffaele Landolfo, Giovanni Tomaselli, Marialaura Malena, Gianmarco de Felice