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Each quadrennium, the International Congress on Fracture, ICF, the world’s premier professional society of researchers pursuing the understanding and causes of fracture to prevent fracture and damage progression in engineering materials and structures, recognizes select members for their outstanding contributions to this important field of research. The field of Fracture and Structural Integrity is relevant to Aerospace, Power Generation, Chemical Process, Biomedical, Structural Materials, Electronics, and Recreation industries and in Geophysics and engages researchers in several academic disciplines. Four gold medals, and one silver medal named after pioneers in the field of fracture are presented at its quadrennial conference. The selection of winners was made by a committee consisting of past medal recipients.


A two-step multiaxial racetrack filter algorithm for non-proportional load histories

Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Hao Wu

Pages 1-7

Evaluation of new multiaxial damage parameters on low carbon steel

A. S. Cruces, P. Lopez-Crespo, B. Moreno, A. Lopez-Moreno, S. Suman

Pages 54-61

Joined application of a multiaxial critical plane criterion and a strain energy density criterion in low-cycle fatigue

Andrea Carpinteri, Giovanni Fortese, Camilla Ronchei, Daniela Scorza, Sabrina Vantadori, Filippo Berto

Pages 66-70

Multiaxial fatigue strength of titanium alloys

Filippo Berto, Alberto Campagnolo, Torgeir Welo, Sabrina Vantadori, Andrea Carpinteri

Pages 79-89

Notched multiaxial fatigue of Al7050-T7451: on the need for an equivalent process zone size

M.V.C Sá, J.L.A Ferreira, C.R.M da Silva, J.A. Araújo

Pages 90-97

On the applicability of Miner’s rule for multiaxial fatigue life calculations under non-proportional load histories

Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Samuel Elias Ferreira, Hao Wu

Pages 98-105

Prediction of fatigue crack initiation under biaxial loading

J.V. Sahadi, D. Nowell, R.J.H. Paynter

Pages 106-113

A model to quantify fatigue crack growth by cyclic damage accumulation calculated by strip-yield procedures

Samuel Elias Ferreira, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro

Pages 129-138

Effect of numerical parameters on plastic CTOD

F.V. Antunes, R. Simoes, R. Branco, P. Prates

Pages 149-156

Fracture toughness of rough and frictional cracks emanating from a re-entrant corner

Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli, Michele Terzano, Sabrina Vantadori

Pages 175-182

Influence of forging conditions on the fatigue mechanisms of low alloy steels: a 3D study

Pablo Lorenzino, Jean-Yves Buffiere, Catherine Verdu

Pages 191-196

Measurement and analysis of fatigue crack deformation at the micro-scale

D. Nowell, K.I. Dragnevski, S.J. O’Connor

Pages 197-202

Mid-thickness studies of the stress intensity factor in the bulk of bainitic steel

P. Lopez-Crespo, J. Vazquez-Peralta, C. Simpson, T. Buslaps, P. J. Withers

Pages 203-210

Modelling of interfacial transition zone effect on resistance to crack propagation in fine-grained cement-based composites

H. Simonova, M. Vyhlidal, B. Kucharczykova, P. Bayer, Z. Kersner, L. Malikova, J. Klusak

Pages 211-219

On DIC measurements of DeltaKeff to verify if it is the FCG driving force

Julián Andrés Ortiz González, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Giancarlo Luis Gomez Gonzáles, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, José Luiz de França Freire

Pages 227-235

On short cracks that depart from elastoplastic notch tips

Verônica Miquelin Machado, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro

Pages 236-244

On the connection between mode II and mode III effective thresholds in metals

Tomas Vojtek, Stanislav Zak, Jaroslav Pokluda

Pages 245-251

Stress Intensity Factor calculation from displacement fields

S. Beretta, L. Patriarca, S. Rabbolini

Pages 269-276

The effect of residual stress on the nonsingular T-stresses

A.S. Chernyatin, Yu.G. Matvienko, I.A. Razumovsky

Pages 293-298

Variable mode-mixity during fatigue cycles – crack tip parameters determined from displacement fields measured by digital image correlation

Michael Vormwald, Yigiter Hos, José L.F. Freire, Giancarlo L.G. Gonzáles, Jorge G. Díaz

Pages 314-322

Application of Leak-Before-Break concept in 316LN austenitic steel pipes welded using 316L

Gabriel Giannini de Cunto, Arnaldo Homobono Paes de Andrade, Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro

Pages 332-338

Notched graphite under multiaxial loading

S.M.J. Razavi, M. Peron, J. Torgersen, F. Berto

Pages 424-431

Effect of hot dip galvanization on the fatigue strength of steel bolted connections

S.M.J. Razavi, M. Peron, J. Torgersen, F. Berto, F. Mutignani

Pages 432-439

40CrMoV13.9 notched specimens under multiaxial fatigue: an overview of recent results

S.M.J. Razavi, M. Peron, J. Torgersen, F. Berto, T. Welo

Pages 440-446

Fatigue assessment of steel rollers by means of the local energy

F. Chebat, M. Cincera, S.M.J. Razavi, F. Berto, T. Welo

Pages 447-455

Creep behavior of V-notched components

P. Gallo, S.M.J. Razavi, M. Peron, J. Torgersen, F. Berto

Pages 456-463

Four-point bending test on a middle strength rock: numerical and experimental investigations

Aria Mardalizad, Riccardo Scazzosi, Andrea Manes, Marco Giglio

Pages 504-523

Dynamic debonding in layered structures: a coupled ALE-cohesive approach

Marco Francesco Funari, Fabrizio Greco, Paolo Lonetti

Pages 524-535

Acoustic Emissions versus Pressure Stimulated Currents during bending of restored marble epistyles: Preliminary results

Stavros K. Kourkoulis, Ioanna Dakanali, Ermioni D. Pasiou, Ilias Stavrakas, Dimos Triantis

Pages 536-551

Regularities of fracture pattern formation in alumina ceramics subjected to dynamic indentation

E. Tolmacheva (Lyapunova), M. Davydova, V. Chudinov, S. Uvarov, O. Naimark, D. Zaytsev, P. Panfilov

Pages 552-561